Tart Cherry, Black Cherry, What’s the Deal?

You may have heard that tart cherry juice is getting some buzz right now as a sleep aid.  We’ve had several customers come in this week looking for the product.  But how can cherries help with sleep?  And what’s the difference between tart cherry juice and black cherry juice?

Cherry juice may aid sleep in two ways.  1) Cherry juice is a natural source of melatonin, long recommended for those with disrupted sleep patterns.  And 2) Cherries have anti-inflammatory properties, and high levels of inflammation can lead to aches and pains that prevent restful sleep.

So what type of cherry juice is best?  There are hundreds of varieties of  cherries — both tart cherries and black cherries are sources of melatonin and anti-inflammatory compounds.  If you’re looking to try this “new” product, come on in to the Herbal Path and see what we have to offer!

February 9, 2011   Posted in: Uncategorized

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