Delicious Yogurt Idea

I really want to like yogurt, but have never had much luck getting past the flavor.  I only liked the really sugary, bad-for-me kinds, which seemed to defeat the point of eating yogurt for its health benefits.

But!  This weekend, I tried some of the fresh yogurt that is a new product offered in the Portsmouth Herbal Path (fresh from the farm on Wednesdays and Saturdays).  I thought it was pretty good (for yogurt), and then I tried mixing in some of Carolyn Kelley’s (InJoy Organics) dark chocolate drink mix (available in original dark chocolate, chocolate-mint, and chocolate-orange).

Wow!  I *loved* it!  A delicious mix of sweet and tangy, and a *healthy* chocolate yogurt!  I will definitely be eating this again!

May 19, 2009   Posted in: New Products

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